Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24 January 2022 written update: Arohi loses her temper

In the beginning of the episode, Manjuri asks him to put the call on speaker. He does and she asks Akshu if she is fine. She then says to them that she is happy that they are able to have love in their life. She then says to herself that she hopes the kids make the right decision. While, Harshvardhan with his family reaches Goenka house. He tells Manish that everything is ready and they came with all the preparations for the wedding but Abhimanyu has not yet arrived. Manish asks them if this marriage is a joke to them. The family gets into arguments.


Arohi thinks to look outside for the ceremonies. She instead hears about Abhimanyu  missing and says how’s this possible as Akshu is also missing and if cannot be a coincidence. Harshwardhan starts clapping and says what they would like to say about their daughters. Kairav says that if his sister is missing along with her Abhimanyu I’d also be missing, and to clap you need two hands.


Arohi sees her phone and screams, and then everyone else sees the phone in which Abhimanyu and Akshu are in the temple. She tells them that few of her friends clicked them while on trekking. She asks the family, when she is dressed as a bride waiting for her groom to arrive, he and her sister are missing. She says she won’t let anything go wrong at her wedding and gets into her car. Manish says they should also follow Arohi.


Everyone reaches the temple and sees Abhimanyu and Akshu in front of the God. Arohi calls out Akshu and Abhimanyu’s name and asks what’s happening. Abhimanyu says to Akshu that everyone has arrived and now she can admit her love for him and get married the right way. Akshu’s dress catches fire and he stops in by his hand. He then holds her in his embrace. While the whole family stands in front seeing them. Akshu feels shy and gets out of his arms. Abhimanyu says to himself that he hopes that Akshu doesn’t get weakened and admits her love for him.


Arohi comes inside the temple and says to Akshu what she is doing here. Harshwardhan says that he also wants to know how she manages to look so innocent after doing all the villainous acts. Abhimanyu thinks to himself that he can answer everyone’s questions but today he has to wait so Akshu can solve the confusion and admit her love for him. Manish says that even Abhimanyu should be questioned as he was also missing from his own wedding. Arohi says to Akshu that she is after stealing her happiness like always, she says that because of her she lost her mother.


Upcoming- Abhimanyu says in front of the family that he and Akshu love each other, and asks Akshu to admit the same. She gets scared and doesn’t, he says he again feels betrayed and is leaving the temple.

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