Anupama 24 January 2022 written update: Kavya fights with Vanraj

At the beginning of the episode, Vanraj organized kite flying competition at the Shah residence and arrived there. Samar was trying to call Nandini but her phone was switched off. Vanraj select Malvika as his partner and Anuj select Anupama as his partner. Anuj write his name with Anupama’s name on the kite. Baapuji’s partner Mamaji get sick that’s why Baapuji decided to keep eyes on everyone, so as to have fair and healthy competition. Everyone was selecting the kites with their partners and started dancing on the music. One member of every team started flying the kite. Kinjal was Samar’s partner but she felt itching in her eyes so she went to the washroom. Samar was facing issue to fly kite and managing the thread, suddenly Nandini arrived there.

Anupama and everyone gets happy. Anuj cut Samar’s kite. Nandini asked Samar to handle his kite now because she is with him. Malvika was flying the kite and Anuj decided to cut her kite. Anuj asked Malvika not to cry if he will cut her kite. Malvika said no one can save Anuj’s kite from her hands. Anuj and Malvika was trying to cut each other’s kite. Suddenly Anuj got disbalanced and Anupama handled the kite. Malvika’s hand got hurt through thread so Vanraj handled the kite. Vanraj said no one cut their kite because he is handled Malvika now. Anupama said she will cut Vanraj’s kite at any cost. Anupama said she don’t need to do anything because Vanraj’s activities let him loose the competition. Vanraj was going to cut Anupama’s kite suddenly Kavya arrived there and cut Vanraj’s kite’s thread.

Kavya said she can’t stay quiet. Anupama asked Kavya not to include Malvika in her fight. Kavya asked why Vanraj insulted Nandini? Nandini asked Kavya not to fight with Vanraj on the festival. Baa said this family don’t want to see more fight and asked Kavya not to fight with Vanraj. Kavya said Baa didn’t responded while Vanraj shouted at Nandini, so she have no right to stop her. Vanraj started shouting at Kavya. Anupama asked Vanraj to stay calm. Vanraj said he is talking to his wife and no outsider can interfere. Vanraj said Samar don’t like Nandini.

Samar asked Vanraj not to talk about him and Nandini. Anupama asked Kavya to go home, but she said she want to talk here only. Kavya said everyone is silent and no one thinks about her when she leaves from the home. Baa said they knew where Kavya was going. Baapuji said he called Kavya so many times but she didn’t picked up the call. Baa said Kavya wanted to take a break that’s why no one stopped her.

Upcoming Story: Anupama says Kavya is not wrong. Malvika says she will always support Vanraj.

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