Kumkum bhagya 12 June 2021 Spoiler -Shocker for Abhi

In the next episode we will see that, an overjoyed Abhi lifts the veil of his bride before the judge but is left shocked to see Tanu in place of Pragya.

Where is Pragya and what happened to her?

Up till now
Pragya was trying to provoke Tanu. Tanu confesses everything that she falsely accuses Abhi, to get married to him as this is the only way left. She also confesses that she hides that recording of her confession and removes all the evidence against her. Tanu confession gets recorded in Pragya’s phone. Later, they gets into the fight and Tanu tries to inject Pragya but ends up injecting herself. Then Pragya checks the recording and leaves from there. She informs Abhi that she gets the recording. Alia assures Pragya that she will send someone to take care of an unconscious Tanu to avoid making Mr Singhania suspicious. Meanwhile, Ranbir packs his bag and tries to escape from there. On the road, Ranbir came across a drunk Pradeep and convinces him to reveal the truth before the judge. Then Abhi and Pragya decided to tell the truth to everyone after they gets married.

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