Kundali bhagya 24 June 2022 written update: Karan follows Preeta

At the beginning of the episode, Rakhi says that Karan is alive. Kareena ask to not keep false hope. She says that Karan is alive in their hearts, in their talks but he is not alive. Rakhi says that why Karan left them. She says that he is the only one who comes behind her whenever she gets upset. She says now no one comes behind her to cheer up her mood. Rakhi cries so much. Kareena says that Karan will feel bad if see her in this condition. She consoles her.

On the other hand, Preeta goes to Kavya’s school to drop her. Karan goes behind her. Kavya asks the driver to open the gate for her first. She says She says that she never opens her gate by herself. Preeta thinks that Kavya’s attitude is exactly like Karan. Kavya gives a kiss to Preeta and says goodbye. One of the teacher tells Preeta that Kavya is a very bright student. She tells her that the Principal wants to meet her. Karan says that Preeta hurt him so much. He says that she killed his love. He says that he thought he will name his daughter kavya.

He recalls his moment with Preeta where he told her that he wants a girl. Preeta says that they will give her a name which resembles to his name. Karan says that they will call her Kavya. Preeta goes inside. Karan follows her. Preeta feels like someone is following her so she look back. Karan hides from there. He says to himself that why did he hid himself from her. Then Preeta goes to he office of Principal. Principal tells Preeta that Kavya is a very bright student. She says that her grasping power is also strong. She tells her that she thinks this time also kavya will top in her class.

Preeta says that she is feeling very proud to be her mother. The principal says she should feel proud. She says but with that Kavya is becoming naughty day by day and her misbehavior is also increasing. She says that yesterday she pushed her classmate and her parents have to lodge a complaint. Preeta says sorry. She says that she will talk to Kavya today. The principal asks her to tell her father Rishabh about this matter. She says that he is a very sorted person and he will easily make her understand everything.

Preeta says that she is right he is a very sorted person. Karan is watching them. Preeta see him. She goes behind him. Preeta goes in store room. She says that she can feels Karan around her. Karan says that he will get answer from her that why she betrayed him. The peon locked her in the storeroom. Karan is also present there. She ask is there anyone? She says she knows someone is there. She says that she is not scared and if he will do anything with her then her family won’t spare him.

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