Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23 June 2022 written update: Arohi doubts Abhimanyu and Akshu

In the beginning of the episode, Manish makes an announcement that the family will play a game of finding bangles. He says that the couples will participate, Kairav says that the others can become partners and he asks Manjuri, Vansh with Mahima and Neil with Arohi. Everyone takes the basket of the bangle, and Akhilesh says whoever makes the partners set first will win. Akshu asks Abhimanyu to pretend and play for the family’s sake, he gets angry and says he’ll make her the best set.

Everyone gets competitive, Arohi says to Neil that she wants to win. Akshu says to Abhimanyu to hurry up, he says to her before she asks him to be patient. Akshu says to him that this competition, and then tells him to lessen the gold bangles. Akshu takes her hand away, and Abhimanyu makes Akshu wear a set of bangles, she feels the pain and Abhimanyu doesn’t notice it. Akhilesh judges the bangle sets and announces that Akshu and Abhimanyu have won.

Manjuri blesses them, Akshu says she will come in a moment. Akshu goes to the kitchen and panics when sees the bangle, and says that she has to do it. She tries to remove the bangles and one bangle breaks into her skin, Abhimanyu comes there and holds her hand, he asks her why she didn’t tell him. She says to him that she doesn’t need his help at the cost of her getting hurt. Arohi sees them and thinks to herself that something is off between them, and she has to bring that in front of the families.

Abhimanyu removes the bangle from her hand and she hugs him in pain, and asks her to wait and puts ointment and bandages her hand. Arohi asks the family to come to the other side to play the game. Akshu and Abhimanyu get into an argument, the family’s come and they pretend to fight over her hand. Suvarna says for a moment she thought there is something serious, but it’s a fight of love. Arohi says they should now eat, as she doesn’t want to play any game.

Suvarna gives everyone gifts, Manjuri thanks her and says that she was a little scared about coming there but they made it easy for her. Akhilesh comes running, and asks Abhimanyu to come and see Suhasini. He runs there and then asks Akshu to give him the BP medicine, he says he’ll give her an injection. He then asks Suhasini what happened, Suvarna tells that Suhasini wanted to give the pearls to Abhimanyu and Akshu for their happy life together. Suhasini says to them that the 1st year of marriage is tough as both of them have to give each other time to understand.

Upcoming- Akshu comes running to the hospital with tears in her eyes. Suhasini is brought to the hospital, Abhimanyu in the ward tells Akshu that Suhasini is taking stress about something. He then asks her if Suhasini found about their arguments.