Kundali bhagya written update 21 July 2021 Shrelyn wants to harm Preeta

At the beginning of the episode, Mahesh hugs Karan as he is very happy for him. Rakhi is staring at him. Mahesh asks if Rakhi hasn’t seen a more handsome man than she is looking at him like this. Rakhi refuses to let him off as a more handsome guy is going to come to her house. Mahesh believes that she can also have beautiful guests in their house. Next everyone wonders where is Preeta. Karan says that she has gone out somewhere.

Kareena gets upset as Preeta is allowed to go out alone by Karan. But Sherlyn who is still irritable says that they should not have any problem with Preeta going out. Everyone looks at her with amazement. Sherlyn overturns and says sometimes to be mother should go out alone in order to get fresh air. Then Kareena sees Preeta and asks her where she had gone. Preeta tells her that she had gone to get the pregnancy kit.

Kareena forbids her to use it. And adds that she will have to get a checkup done by Daima. Preeta gets upset about this. Karan brings the kit for her. Preeta goes to the bathroom to check. There Sherlyn starts taunting Srishti. Srishti asks her to keep calm. Sherlyn tells that her child’s life has been lost because of Preeta. Srishti angrily informs her that she comes to know that that day she was going to kill Preeta but God punished her.


There Preeta comes out of the bathroom. She looks upset. Karan goes to the bathroom. He sees the kit and learns that Preeta is actually about to become a mother. He hugs her. Sherlyn gets upset seeing this. She is sad as she has Rishabh and Prithvi but still she is alone. She further informs them that family members are calling them downstairs. Preeta says fine. She leaves from there.

After this Rakhi asks Sherlyn if she has called Preeta. She replies yes. After some time Preeta comes downstairs. She sees that only a few people have come to the party. She says that she had called many guests but only a few have come. Rakhi tells her not to worry about these things.

Next, Kareena is going to get the cake. Preeta says she will bring it. Rakhi says that she should stay away from household chores. She sends Sherlyn. Sherlyn goes to the kitchen. He gets a call from Prithvi. An upset Sherlyn tells him how sad she is and that she wants to kill Preeta’s child. Prithvi asks her not to do any such act. But she doesn’t hear him. He gets upset and thinks about how should he stop Sherlyn.

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