Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 23 June 2022 written update: Kabir proposes Katha

At the beginning of the episode, Kishore was telling Kabir how Uma can speak like this to him. He tells Kabir that she is not capable of marriage now as she is pregnant. Kabir said whoever will marry her be the luckiest one. He tells Kishore that she is one of the best girls ever he met. Kishore asks if he is willing to accept Uma’s proposal. Kabir didn’t speak anything. Uma was feeling bad for telling such things to Kabir. Manu says she asked him the right question. Kabir was thinking about Katha. Uma asks God if Katha and Kabir are meant for each other. Kabir was thinking Katha is the only girl he was searching for long time. He confesses himself that she is the only reason of his smile.

Katha was looking after the arrangements in NGO. Kabir came there. Katha was trying to avoid Kabir. Kishore tells Kabir that we should leave now if he had completed his talk with Katha. Kabir goes behind Katha. He stopped Katha and asked if she is busy today. Katha apologies for yesterday. Fatima came there with a mic problem. Kabir tells her he will change the battery. After Fatima leaves Kabir to ask Katha if she will marry him. The mic was working and everyone heard his proposal. Katha leaves from there without saying anything.

Kabir goes behind Katha. She was crying. Kabir said he was not aware that the mic was not working. Katha says he is accepting her out of sympathy. Kabir says it’s not like that he really loves her. Katha said she can raise the child alone. Katha came back home and tell Uma that Kabir ask to marry him because of her. Manu and Uma started celebrating. Katha said she denied him because she can’t make him suffer with her. Uma and. Manu tells her that h might really love her. Manu says if she had accepted the proposal then their Jodi would be great. Katha says he deserves a good girl. Manu said to give him a chance.

Episode end’s