Pandya Store 15 June 2021 Spoiler -Shiva threatens Prafula

In the upcoming episodes, Prafula fight with Shiva. Prafula says even Suman is not able to take her bangle’s back then how Shiva can take her bangles from Prafula. Shiva put knife on Prafula’s neck and says he will take Suman’s bangles back from Prafula before going to Somnath.

Will Shiva take Suman’s bangles back?

Up till now
In the previous episode we saw that, Anita told Dhara that her life is also incomplete like Dhara. Dhara said her life not incomplete. Gautam shouted at Dhara and asked her not to talk to Anita too much. Raavi tried to inflame Shiva, but he didn’t fights with her, Raavi get shocked. Rishita give a opinion to Dev that they should build a farm house on the land. Anita brings kadha for Dhara and asked her to drink to get pregnant and said this kadha will remove the defects in Gautam and Dhara. Dhara shouted at Anita and asked her not to think about them. Gautam informed his brothers that he want to sell the property to open an another branch of store. Rishita heard everything.


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