Pandya Store 17 June 2021 Spoiler -Anita’s plan got failed

In the upcoming episodes, Anita is waiting for Dhara to come downstairs and get slip in oil, but Raavi arrives before Dhara and get slips due to oil on the stairs. Raavi screams in pain.

What Anita will do next, to replace Dhara?

Up till now
In the previous episode we saw that, Prafula Insulted Shiva in front of Dhara. Dhara asked Prafula to stay quiet, but Raavi opposed Dhara. Raavi shouted at Shiva and asked him to respect Prafula. Prafula again tried to inflame Raavi and asked her to think about her future and money. Raavi asked Prafula to stay away from Shiva. Delivery boy arrived with Rishita’s parcel. Dev cancelled the order due to unavailability of cash. Rishita fights with Dev. Shiva went to money lender and asked him to give him Rs. 125000. Anita stolen a box from Prafula’s almirah. Dev and Rishita went to market, Rishita saw Shiva in money lender’s cabin and informed Dev about this. Rishita and Dev questioned Shiva that why he went to meet money lender? Shiva said he was their in the Haweli. Anita spread oil on the stairs, for Dhara.


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