Pandya Store written update 16 January 2022 weekly

In the last week we saw that, Dhara went to hospital for implanting Gautam’s embryo in her womb so as to get pregnant. Anita and Kamini arrived at the hospital. Kamini gave copies of Dhara’s reports to Anita and asked her to pretend as she is Dhara. Kamini said everyone thought that Anita is Dhara and that’s why they will implant Gautam’s embryo in Anita’s womb. Kamini said through this way Anita will become Pandya family’s permanent member. Kamini asked Anita to keep Raavi near her so that no one will doubt at her. Kamini called someone and asked him to fire A wing of the hospital.

Suman called Shiva and informed him that Kamini is their in the hospital with Anita. Raavi went to a cabin where Anita was waiting for doctors. Security guards informed Dhara and Gautam that hospital got fire. Hospital’s employee stopped Shiva and asked him not to go close to the operation theatre. Shiva started fighting with hospital’s staff. Kamini called Anita and informed her that she has planned everything. Anita was getting worried about Suman, but Kamini said she has handled Suman. Doctor took Anita to the operation theatre and asked Raavi to handle Anita’s phone

Shiva found Anita’s phone and Kamini called to Anita. Shiva picked up the call. Kamini said she has planned everything and now soon Anita will become Mrs. Gautam Pandya. Shiva shouted at Kamini and cuts the call. Shiva said Anita is using Dhara’s file for something wrong. Shiva went inside the operation theatre and stopped the doctor. Shiva found a embryo container of Dhara’s name and said Anita is not Dhara Pandya. Anita said she came hospital for her operation and tried to snatch embryo container from Shiva’s hands. Anita suddenly leave the container and embryo get spread on the floor. Dhara slapped Anita.

Krish’s friend informed everything to Suman. Suman get worried about Dhara and decided to take revenge from Prafula and Anita. Prafula gets worried about Anita and decided to go hospital. Shiva decided to kill Anita, but Raavi stopped him. Anita leaves from there. Gautam and Suman get inside the hospital. Prafula also arrived there. Suddenly Anita come out of the operation theatre and Shiva was running behind her. Shiva hold Anita’s hand and tried to kill her. Prafula was making video of everything. Shiva pick the scissors and cut Anita’s hairs.

Anita get angry and started cryin. Raavi slapped Shiva. Raavi decided to call police, Shiva tried to stop her. Gautam started beating Shiva, Suman stopped him. Anita pretend as she lost her memory. Prafula started shouting at Suman and her family. Raavi asked what Rishita will do if Shiva tried to kill her sister? Rishita said her sister will never do cheap things like Anita. Dhara went to a garden and recognized everything that happened in the hospital, she was crying vigorously. A couple informed doctor that their 6 month old doctor is missing from the hospital. Dhara found that baby and tried to make her calm.

Later police arrived at the hospital, Prafula show recording to police and that’s why police took Shiva to the jail. Raavi was walking on the road and recognized everything that has happened in the hospital. Raavi collide with a car and get unconscious. Prafula went to jail to manipulate Shiva. A family took Raavi to their home and get worried about her. Prafula started laughing at Shiva and said no one thinks about him. Prafula said Dhara is missing from the hospital. Shiva shouted at Prafula and asked her to leave from there. A woman collide with Dhara and decided to call police.

Will Dhara keep that baby?

This was the weekly summary of your favorite show “Pandya Store”.

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