Sirf Tum 23 June 2022 written update: Vikrant’s secret plan

At the beginning of the episode, Kamini says that they should buy expensive jewelry to match the standards of Oberoi’s. Suhani says the pure intentions behind these gifts should be seen not the cost. Suhani says she wants to go to sleep. Before leaving Sudha teases Suhani saying she should tell Ranveer to leave on time as it’s not right to stay awake for long time before wedding night. Suhani finds Ranveer behind her and Ranveer says he thought she is missing him.

He tells her that he decorated the mandap himself for their wedding so he couldn’t apply mehendi on his hand. Ranveer asks Suhani to write her name on his hand. She does so and he finds his name on her mehendi easily which makes Suhani happy. She says this wedding seems like a dream to her. He says they both will take pheras tomorrow and she will be his wife legally and he is meeting her like this for the last time tonight. Vikrant talks to someone over phone and asks if everything is set according to his plan?

Mamta brings turmeric milk for Vikrant and gives him medicine. He ask her why is she showing fake concern to him? She says she supported Ranveer doesn’t mean she left his side. He says she chose Suhani for Ranveer and throws Asha out despite his refusal. He says her happiness will be temporary. Ansh applies mehendi on Asha’s hand and gets happy to see her. He says after a long time they are happy. They both celebrate the moment. Next day, Nikita makes Suhani ready for her wedding. She comes downstairs and her family tells her how beautiful she is looking. Rakesh says he tried to fulfil her dreams and did what he could do for her and if there’s anything left then he apologises to her for that. She asks him not to do that and hugs him emotionally.

Ranveer also comes downstairs. His grandfather asks about Vikrant, Vikram says he will reach mandap directly after some time. Suhani’s family greets Ranveer’s family and all of them get inside the venue. Everyone gets shocked on finding three mandaps in the venue. Ranveer calls Raghu and John and questions them about the mandaps. Raghu says he is also confused as they cross checked everything. Ranveer calls the manager of the venue and asks him what is this. Ranveer asks who told him to decorate three mandaps. Vikrant arrives and Manager points at him. Asha and Ansh also enter the venue.