Sirf Tum 14 January 2022 written update – Ranveer saves Suhani’s life

At the beginning of the episode, Sudha and Rakesh try to call Suhani. Sudha says Ansh is also with Suhani in the ambulance. Rakesh says he has his number and calls him. Ansh tells Rakesh that they are trying to bring the ambulance up. Rakesh says he is also coming there. Sudha says she will also go, but Dadi consoles her.

Ranveer reaches the cliff and sees the ambulance sliding down the hill. The ambulance lands in the lake below. Ranveer is in shock. Sudha prays for Suhani’s safety. Dadi comforts Sudha and says Ranveer is with Suhani and he will save her. Ranveer calls for Suhani. Suhani calls back. She is stuck on the side of the hill. Ranveer tells people to get rope and tells her not to be scared.

Ranveer throws the rope to Suhani. Suhani manages to hold the rope but her hand is slipping. Ranveer goes down with another rope. Dean and Riya also reach the spot. Suhani asks about Meeta and ward boys. Ranveer tells her to focus on herself and they will find others too. Ranveer manages to reach Suhani. Riya calls Vikrant to come as Ranveer jumped in the ditch with Suhani.

Vikrant informs the police who say they have sent their best rescue team there. Riya tells Ranveer not to risk his life as rescue team is coming soon. Ranveer is about to catch Suhani’s hand, but her hold loosens and she falls in the lake. Ranveer jumps after her.

Mamta prays for Ranveer’s safety. She gets scared as the DIYA flickers. Ranveer surfaces above water and looks for Suhani. He dives again and again to look for her. He finally finds her in unconscious state under water and pull her up. He pulls her and brings her out of the water. He gives her first-aid to make her spit out water and she regains consciousness. Suhani gets up and hugs him in fear.

Ranveer asks if she is alright. Suhani asks him to forgive her. Ranveer says he does not just call her his responsibility. Suhani asks about Meeta and the ward boys. Ranveer says he will look for them. Suhani says she will go with him. Ranveer tells her to stay there as she is hurt. Suhani says she is okay and will look for them. Ranveer says she gives him new reasons to be proud of her.

They go to look for them. They find first-aid box and Meeta’s id card near by. They find Meeta in unconscious state on the bank of the lake. They also see the ward boys. Suhani goes to Meeta and brings her to consciousness. Ranveer helps the ward boys. Suhani thinks Meeta is bleeding, so what should she do. Ranveer encourages her to ignore her emotions and treat Meeta as a doctor.

Suhani and Ranveer give the injured first-aid. Ranveer sprains his hand. Suhani goes to him and checks his hand. Ranveer says he is alright but Suhani gives him first-aid.

Episode ends