Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 14 January 2022 written update – Multhi’s marriage got fixed

At the beginning of the episode, Priyanka arrived at Anurag’s home and shouted at him for not at shop for outfit selection. Anurag said he don’t want to do anything and asked everyone not to force him. Anurag’s aunt send Anuraga and Priyanka to outside for resolving the issue. Multhi took servant’s phone and called Opu. Kaushik snatched phone from Multhi’s hand and shouted at Opu. Kaushik informed Multhi that NRI family is coming to their home tomorrow to see her for marriage. Multhi said she don’t want to live in this home. Kaushik asked Multhi to follow his orders and leave from there. Opu informed his mother that Multhi don’t want to marry that NRI guy but Kaushik is forcing her to do so.

Opu said he will not want to live without Multhi. Priyanka asked why Anurag didn’t arrived at shop? Anurag said he don’t want to do this formalities and asked her not to force him. Priyanka said if Anurag will not follow her orders then she will punish Kajol for that. Priyanka pretend as she has called police, Anurag get worried about Kajol and took Priyanka’s phone. Priyanka said she was just pretending and asked him to stay away from Kajol. Anurag asked why Priyanka is doing this? Priyanka said she loves Anurag and that’s why she can do anything to come close to him. Later Chandana was crying. Kajol said we need to know that whether Mullthi loves Opu or not?

Kajol thought that if Multhi will like Opu then she will make their love story complete. Anandita was helping Multhi to get ready. Multhi asked her mother to kill her. Kaushik arrived there and show a picture of Opu. Kaushik said if Multhi will not support him then he will destroy Opu’s life. After some time an NRI family arrived at Arjun’s home. Multhi was not smiling in front of everyone. Naina asked guests to have some breakfast. Shreya thought that Naina is destroying her brother’s love story just to make her reputation in this family. Naina send picture of Multhi and that NRI guy. Opu started crying and said Multhi betrays him.