Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 13 January 2022 written update -Kaushik threatened Opu

At the beginning of the episode, Opu went to Multhi’s home to meet her through window. Multhi’s father caught Opu and asked him to stay away from Multhi. Opu said he loves Mutlhi but Multhi’s family insulted him. Naina took Opu to her home and informed her family that whatever Opu did. Chandana shouted at Opu for not thinking about his family’s reputation before going to Multhi’s home. Naina said Multhi is not interested in Opu that’s why she is ignoring him and she is going to marry an NRI guy soon. Naina said she saved Opu from Multhi’s family. Opu asked Naina to stay quiet. Naina said Multhi didn’t informed her family regarding their relationship.

Kajol said Opu need to forget Multhi if she doesn’t love him. Opu said Multhi is not like that and he can never forget her. Naina asked Opu to accept the reality. Opu said he and Multhi are serious for each other and that’s why want to marry her. Naian said due to Opu’s relationship her reputation is going down. Kajol took Opu to her room and asked about the reality. Opu said Naina is not telling the truth. Kajol said if Opu loves Multhi then he should follow his heart. Kajol said if Multhi will confess that she loves Opu then she will try to bring them together at any cost. Naina saw Kajol and Opu together, and decided to take revenge from Kajol.

Later Kajol went to the printing press, Anurag arrived there to see her. Anurag thought that he can’t stay away from Kajol at any cost. Kajol called Anurag and asked him to go hospital as soon as possible. Anurag said Kajol is his lifeline. Multhi’s parents informed Multhi that NRI boy is coming tomorrow to see her. Multhi said she will not meet that boy at any cost. Multhi’s father said if Multhi will not meet NRI guy then he will destroy Opu’s life. Shreya hug Multhi and asked her not to create scene now in front of everyone. Multhi took servant’s phone but Naina saw her. Anurag was in meeting with a team of doctors.

Priyanka went for shopping and called Anurag but he ignored her call. Priyanka was waiting for Anurag at the shop and she get angry. Priyanka understood that Anurag is ignoring her that’s why she decided to take revenge from him. Later Anurag was taking rest at his home, suddenly Priyanka arrived there. Priyanka asked why he didn’t arrived today? Anurag said he don’t want to do anything for her. Priyanka gathered Anurag’s family. Multhi callled Opu through servant’s call, but her father snatched her phone. Multhi’s father threatened Opu and asked him to stay away from Multhi.