Udaariyaan 24 June 2022 written update: Gurpreet’s shocking announcement!

The episode starts with Gurpreet telling Khusveer that now Fateh’s life is not easy with Tejo. Mahi says Fateh might lose his job after this. Fateh takes a stand for Tejo and told the organization how much Tejo has contributed to the college. Jasmine snatched ice cream from Tejo and manipulate her that Fateh will get fired from his job. Tejo says she will not let them do anything with him. Jasmine says go and save him. Rupy and Satti were also on the way to college.

Tejo came into the office and requested them not to scold Fateh. Fateh clam her saying that no one had scolded him. The senior faculty say what’s happening here. Fateh tells Tejo to go out and wait. Tejo said it was not his mistake and do sit-ups in front of them. One of the students came in support of Fateh and said it was just an accident and he is the best coach. The principal also asked the senior faculty to think again about it. They gave Fateh one more chance. Jasmine got angry on Tejo and thought after this they will get more close.

Fateh goes out with Tejo to eat ice cream. Jasmine manipulates Gurpreet saying that everyone scolded Fateh because of Tejo. Fateh tells Tejo to go home with Satti and Rupy. Fateh came back home and Gurpreet scold him for taking Tejo over there. He tells Gurpreet that he earned all this because of Tejo and she always supported us. He told her that he won’t forget her favors. Gurpreet said everything is good in limits and from now he won’t go to Tejo’s house. She tells him that he won’t be there all the time.

Satti came with milk for Jasmine. She tells Satti it’s her mistake that she left Tejo alone. Satti told her not to worry we are there to handle her. Fateh apologizes to Gurpreet and say’s he will do anything for Tejo. He told Gurpreet that he will stay with Tejo. Tejo was waiting for Fateh. He plays shadow act behind the curtains. Tejo tries to find him. Suddenly he comes in front of her. She tells him to teach her how he made that butterfly behind the curtains. Jasmine came to tease Tejo but she got shocked seeing Fateh will Tejo. Jasmine thought she need to drag Fateh out of this house.

Episode ends