Udaariyaan 9 April 2021 Written Update – Jasmine and Fateh Share few time with each other

At the beginning of the episode, Tejo asked Fateh that why did you come here as I denied you. Fateh told her that I came here for Jass. Tejo asked him then why your eyes are searching for Jasmine. Fateh told her that it takes time to heal a cut and so it’s need time to forget her. Tejo told him that if you don’t want to hurt yourself then forget her as soon as a lot. Suddenly Jasmine came over there to call Tejo and Fateh keeps on admiring her. Tejo feels bad for Fateh.

Ruby and Harman argue with each other that how we would arrange for the money. Satti told them that no one talk on this topic till ring ceremony gets over. There all were enjoying the ring ceremony and Fateh was feeling sad. Both Tejo and Jass exchanges engagement ring and Fateh was standing at the corner. Fateh’s sister was insisting him to go away from here as we will attend the ceremony. Jass and her mother was looking at the jewelry kept over there.

Fateh went aside and started crying for Jasmine. Guests were asking Tejo that have you applied for the visa. Jass told them for that we have to give a marriage certificate so we need to wait for that. Jass mother took Satti aside and asked her about the shagun and land paper’s. Satti gets confused and thinking what to say Suddenly Ruby came and told her that I would transfer the property on Jass name.

Jass mother was taking out money from the envelope and counting them. Dilraj saw her and went from there. Jass noticed him and tells her mother that now he would inform everyone. Dilraj was telling Abhiraj about what he saw but Jass mother came there and changes the topic.

Fateh was thinking of going but Suddenly Jasmine came to him and offers a cold drink. Fateh gets lost in her talk. By mistake, cold drink feels on Fateh’s dress. Jasmine starts cleaning it with her scarf. Jasmine tells him not to go anywhere and enjoy the function.