Imlie 22 June 2022 written update: Imlie reveals Jyoti

At the beginning of the episode, Aryan is finding Imlie. The security guard says that Imlie is inside the hospital. Imlie feels sorry for Aryan and the baby. Aryan thinks that it can’t be possible that he can’t feel Imlie. The staff takes Imlie outside from the morgue room. Imlie tries to move and prays to God for giving her strength. Aryan is finding Imlie and touched her hand. The staff takes her away. Aryan feels something and follows her.

Arpita sees Jyoti and Harry is praying. They think that why they are using headphones. Jyoti says it will help for concentration and connect to the universe. Arpita and Narmada joins them. The staff takes Imlie. Imlie thinks that she can feel Aryan and now she is safe. Aryan runs towards her.

Neela is feeling bad for herself and says that she will not spare them. She calls Mithi and asks about Kerry. Mithi thinks what she is talking about. Aryan removes the clothes and sees Imlie. He gets Shocked. Neela asks about Kerry and asks Mithi if someone is like Kerry. Mithi says that no one is like Kerry. Mithi thinks why Imlie takes this step and thinks about her.

Aryan takes care of Imlie. Imlie apologizes to Aryan. Aryan says he will not spare Madhav. Imlie says that Jyoti is behind and all this. Aryan gets Shocked. Mithi is thinking about Imlie and calls her. Mithi asks Imlie where she is. Mithi asks about Kerry and asks what happened. Imlie explains everything to Mithi. Mithi asks her not to break down. Imlie says that everyone is with her. Mithi says that Kerry shouldn’t do anything much.

Neela shouts for Kerry. Arpita says that why she is Shouting at her. Neela says that she will complain a file against her. Sundar comes as Kerry. Neela says where she was. Neela beats Sundar. Arpita says that he is fine and says that he is with Imlie.

Aryan comes home and shouts for Jyoti. Sundar says that it’s Jyoti. Aryan shouts for her. Imlie says that she cones to kill her and Madhav. Everyone gets Shocked.

Upcoming story: Aryan says that he is tired of all of this and tells Imlie that he trusts her every time but why she didn’t trust him. Imlie says that she will become a walk between Jyoti and her family.

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