Imlie 23 June 2022 written update: Aryan misunderstand Imlie

At the beginning of the episode, Aryan is Shouting for Jyoti. Imlie says she is not at home and comes to hospital to kill them. Narmada says that Jyoti is in the house since morning. Imlie comes to check them. Imlie thinks that Harry was in hospital. Aryan says that Jyoti is doing this from morning. Aryan says that maybe she is wrong and confused. Imlie says that she Knows that She was there. Aryan says he is done with her. He leaves from there.

Imlie asks in Jyoti’s ears that she is doing drama but she will expose her soon. Jyoti says that She was here since morning and says that she can ask it to anyone. Imlie says that she will expose her in front of Aryan. Jyoti says what she is saying. Imlie says that she was Imlie from pagdandia and she was Aryan Singh Rathore wife but now she is pregnant. She says that she will clear his doubts soon.

Aryan asks to Imlie that she won this certificate for her Hardwork. He says that she was his proud but today everything is lost. Aryan says that their relationship is equal. He says that she puts blame on Jyoti because he blamed Madhav. Aryan says that she is using his trust. Imlie says if he thinks that she is using his trust then she is not surprised. Imlie says that she is down under lie and betrayal. She says that she is rock and will not let break anyone. Imlie says that its done now but now she will become wall between the problems. Aryan says that she doesn’t have any proof against her. Imlie says that she will bring the proofs. Imlie asks him to think between friend and fraud. She says that Madhav was guilty then why he is lying in the hospital. Aryan looks on.

Imlie asks to her baby that nothing is for her. She asks her to become intelligent. She asks her that Aryan loves her too much and didn’t understand something. She says that she will make him understand together. Imlie says God will handle everything.

Neela says that she can’t see wrong. Neela says whose shoes is this. She goes to check her in the kitchen. She sees the Kerry sleeping and sees her shoes. She shouts for everyone to come. Arpita is Worried if Imlie get caught. Neela goes to check Kerry. Kerry is sleeping and says that why don’t she let her sleep. Neela asks why she is wearing shoes. Kerry explains her that she is missing her father. Sundar asks about her brother. Kerry start crying. Kerry says that she wears it when they remember them. Narmada asks Kerry not to cry. Narmada asks Preeta to take her from here. Everyone leaves from there. Kerry asks Neela that she loves her sleep too much. She asks her to leave. Neela looks on.

Jyoti comes in Aryan’s room and says that she brings prasad for them. She says that she prays for them and asks him to give it to Imlie also. She says that she doesn’t understand why she is doubting on her. Jyoti thinks that she wanted to give one chance to Harry. Aryan says maybe he was thinking wrong about Madhav. Jyoti thinks that her plan is not working and ask universe to do something. Aryan says that Madhav can’t lie to his mother. Aryan leaves from there. Jyoti thinks that she can’t fail.

Upcoming story: Jyoti asks Kerry to do something. Kerry says that she will do it. Jyoti asks Kerry to kill Imlie.

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