Balika Vadhu 2 9 November 2021 written update – Anandi’s is happy

The scene begins with Anand seeing the enhancements for Diwali at Premji’s home and get intrigued. He figures it will look more wonderful once its finished. He goes to Anandi and asks her how he can help. Jigar looks on. Anandi requests that he fill oil in earthen lights. Anand gets a call from his dad and lets him know he took the best choice by allowing him to remain there. He inquires as to whether she will not go to her own home for Diwali and afterward demands of getting some information about her family.

Jigar gets irritated and thinks why Anand is asking such countless inquiries. Anandi tells about her mom, father and Kalpesh. She tells Khimji doesn’t talk a lot yet consistently try to cause her to feel adored and Ratan regularly chastens her when she dirties her garments however later makes Lapshi to appease her. She even proceeds to tell about Dhingli. Sejal gets heartbroken and trusts genuinely Anandi ought not let him know something which she not need to. Devadi thinks that she is spouse’s wallet on bed and takes out cash from it. Lakha Kumar comes and asks her for what good reason is she taking at her own home.

Devali says she needs to store cash to be utilized for Kanku’s marriage. Kanku and Anandi who were passing by catch their discussion. Kanku feels hurt and cries contemplating her marriage. Anand comes there and attempts to perk up her by giving her chocolate. Then, at that point, he tells a wisecrack which at long last makes Kanku grin. He says Anandi doesn’t think that he is entertaining and never grins. He tells another wisecrack and Anandi somewhat grins. She says she grins since he made Kanku cheer up. Kanku begins hacking and Anandi races to bring water for her.

Anand thinks Anandi consistently deal with everybody and he really wants to make her grin. In corridor Kanku and Anandi upsetly do their own works. Maadi Baa attempts to make them grin however falls flat. Anand comes and does an amusing dance which at last makes Anandi burst into giggling and everybody gets mournful. Jigar feels shaky and thinks everybody is intrigued by Anand and he ought to accomplish something. Maadi Baa inquires as to whether there is something that he can’t do. Jigar says about gilli danda and moves Anand to play against him.

Anand says he is their visitor and it will not look great if he dismisses. So he acknowledges the demand. Maadi Baa thinks after long at last everybody is glad and tells all relatives will play together. Later every one of them get partitioned into two groups. Jigar group has Premji, Devadi, Kanku and Maadi Baa while Anand group has Anandi, Sejal and Lakha Kumar. They play together and Jigar accepts it as a test to make Anand lose. He tells Anand if he didn’t comprehend the guidelines he can clarify him once more. Anand sportingly plays and the scene closes with their game proceeding.