Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 27 June 2022 written update: Sai stands against Bhvani’s decision 

In the beginning of the episode, Bhavani says that Pakhi will give her womb to Sai and Virat. Virat, Sai and the other family members get shocked. Ashwini says to Bhavani how can Pakhi keep Virat and Sai’s child, Bhavani says that Pakhi is the perfect match as she is a family member and would remain in the family. Mansi says to Bhavani that how could she take such a big decision in her life, and not consult with her about her daughter-in-law. Bhavani says that she is not the one who took the decision for Pakhi or forced her into it, instead it was Pakhi who came with the offer.

Pakhi says to Mansi that she went to Bhavani’s room and saw her worry about the child, and she stepped in to help. Mansi says to Pakhi that she has her whole life infront of her and shouldn’t get caught up, she says that she is young and has her whole life in front of her. Bhavani says to Mansi that she and the family have always supported her and in return when Pakhi wants to help then why she is stopping her.

Mansi sits on the couch and cries and blames the situation on herself as she is the one who took shelter in the house, and Pakhi is paying for it. Pakhi says to her that Samrat will also want the same thing that she helps the family. Bhavani says to the family that then it is decided that Pakhi will be the surrogate. Ashwini says the decision isn’t fine.

Sai gets upset and says that she is the mother of the child and has decided that Pakhi won’t be the surrogate. Sai says that she is unable to understand Pakhi who for once was against the method, and now wants to become the surrogate. Pakhi says to Bhavani that Sai is not able to trust her even after she tries to smooth things over with her. Sai says that Pakhi isn’t fit to carry her child anyway, as the woman has to already have a child which Pakhi doesn’t have.

Pakhi says to Sai that just because she doesn’t want her to be the surrogate, she is making up lies. Sai asks her to do the research properly, and then, Virat asks everyone to be quiet and says that if Sai doesn’t want Pakhi ro be the surrogate then she won’t be. Bhavani says bug she has decided that the surrogate will be Pakhi and her decision won’t change.

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