Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 28 June 2022 written update: Sai receives help with surrogacy

In the beginning of the episode, Sai in her room says to Virat how did Bhavani take the decision of Pakhi being the surrogate.
She says to Virat that it should be their choice who their baby’s surrogate will be and not Bhavani. Virat asks her to calm down and says that it will be their decision only and he is excited that their child will soon be with them. Ashwini comes to Virat and Sai’s room and says to them that she understands their confusion, but Pakhi has somehow convinced Bhavani that she should be the surrogate. Sai says how can she let a woman who once loved her husband become her baby’s surrogate mother.

Pakhi in her room tells Vaishali that Sai refused to accept Bhavani’s decision and her offer to become the surrogate. Vaishali says to her that she asked her not to put the offer and yet she did it. Pakhi says to her and she told her that she won’t listen to anyone this time, she ill become Virat’s baby’s mother. Vaishali thinks to herself that Pakhi is being difficult. Vaishali says to Pakhi that the baby will be called Virat and Sai’s baby and not hers, nobody will even ask her once the baby comes in this world. Pakhi says what if Virat forget Sai and she makes a place in his heart instead.

Virat and Ashwini stand stunned hearing Sai’s observation. Virat says to Sai that he loves her, and Pakhi has also moved on in her life with Samrat but it’s unfortunate that he died. Sai says that she still is not able to trust Pakhi, as how can she forget that Pakhiblamed her for Samrat’sdeat and now she wants to becomeher surrogate. Sai says that she cannot understand the sudden change of heart. Virat say they should focus on getting a suitable woman, and Sai says she will find a woman and won’t let Bhavani turn the decision.

Pakhi comes to Bhavani’s room. Pakhi says that she is hurt thag Sai is not understanding taht she wants to just help her and Virat. Bhavani says to Pakhi to not worry as she is with her and will not back down from her decision. She then says to Pakhi that she will take her to a doctor who will confirm tahg she is fit and tgen Sai won’t be able to say anything, Pakhi hugs Bhavani. Next morning, Doctor checks Pakhi and tells Bhavani that Pakhi is fit to have a baby. The doctor praises Bhavani for getting Pakhi checked and thinking of remarriage. Bhavani says Pakhi isn’t getting remarried, she is getting checked if she can carry Sai and Virat’s child. Doctor says its not possible as one needs to be a mother before to become someone’s surrogate, Bhavani thinks Sai was not lieing

Sai’s patient’s wife thanks Sai for saving her husband’s life, and says to her that’s he also wants to help her by becoming her surrogate. Sai gets happy and calls Virat, she says to him that their find has ended and she coming to his office to give him the good news. Virat wait for Sai, but Pakhi comes there. She tells Virat thay she is very sad that Sai thinks that she has some hidden motive as she just wants to help.

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