Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 29 June 2022 written update: Sai sees Pakhi in Virat’s cabin

In the beginning of the episode, Pakhi says to Virat that she doesn’t understand why Sai is not trusting her. Virat says to Pakhi that Sai has gone through a lot in the last few days, and when it’s the decision of his and Sai’s baby only Sai can take the decision. Pakhi says that Sai thinks that she has some hidden motive, she says and to be honest she wants to feel a purpose in life. She says that the baby if it’s in her womb will be close to them and they can take care of the child. Pakhi says to Virat that Bhavani has got her checked by a renowned doctor, who said she is fit to have a baby.

She then holds Virat’s hands and asks him to talk to Sai and convince her to let her become the surrogate, she says to Virat to give her a chance. Sai comes there and sees Pakhi holding Virat’s hand. Sai asks Pakhi what she is up to and comes to her husband’s cabin. Pakhi asks Sai to stop always doubting her intentions. Virat tells Sai that Pakhi came to his office to talk about her being the surrogate. Sai says it’s not necessary as she has already found a woman.

Virat out of his bathroom and asks Sai if now they can become parents. She tells him that she has sent all the medical reports to their doctor, who will soon inform them about their health of the lady. Bhavani comes there and asks who’s the woman, Sai sees Pakhi behind Bhavani. Bhavani says to Sai that it will be her decision who becomes the surrogate. Sai says that she can’t make the decision and she won’t back down this time.

Bhavani says to her that time will tell, she asks Saj to introduce the woman to her, and then she will examine if the lady is fit to be the surrogate. Sai says that she won’t introduce her, as she is not the mother or Doctor of the child. Bhavani gets angry and shouts at Sai, and the whole family gathers there. Bhavani says when the doctor is saying that Pakhi is fit for the baby why she doesn’t want it to happen, she says it’s illegal as she has already told her that Pakhi doesn’t have a child of her own.

Pakhi says what she lacks that Sai doesn’t want her to be the surrogate, Bhavani says that she doesn’t have anything less it’s Sai who lacks the quality. She says to Sai that she should be thankful that Pakhi is willing to become the surrogate. Virat takes Sai’s side and says his decision in this matter will be the same as Sai’s.

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