Pandya Store 23 June 2022 written update: Shiva hides inside his wardrobe

At the beginning of the episode, Shiva saw Dhara coming toward him. He hide his face and turned opposite side. Dhara was looking if Shiva is there nearby. Shiva thought it’s better he doesn’t come in front of them. He decided to see Raavi for the last time. Pandya’s were attending customers. Raavi was looking at the family photo and missing Shiva. Gautam asks Raavi to sit on the main seat of the shop as all this happened because of her. Raavi said once Shiva made him sit there so today she will do it on his behalf of him. Shiva feels proud of Raavi and thought he won’t come unless they arrange the compensation money. An intoxicator saw Shiva and started shouting. Shiva escaped from there. He tells everyone that he saw Shiva. Shiva thought of going to Prafula’s house and hiding there for some days.

Gautam asks Dev why Janardhan is closing his shop. Dev said he doesn’t have customers so he is closing it. Gautam says it would be good if Shiva would be with us. Dhara came to ask for money for vegetables. That intoxicator came into the shop and say Shiva is alive. He claims that he himself saw him. Praffula thought if he turned into a ghost. They don’t believe that intoxicator and drag him out of the house. Raavi says he is not lying Shiva is alive. She tells Dhara to let’s find her. Dhara clam down her. Gautam asks them not to believe his word he is drunk.

Shiva came inside his house. Dhara was missing Shiva and crying for him. Shiva took his clothes in a bag and thought of leaving before anyone notice him Dhara heard some noise from the room and went to check. Shiva hides from her. Dhara feels like Shiva is everywhere in the house. She calls out his name. Suddenly Dhara saw Shiva’s wardrobe was open. She thought Raavi left it open and closed it. Shiva was inside it. Shiva thought about how he will come out of it.

Upcoming- The police informed Pandya’s that some people saw Shiva alive so be ready to go to jail if they don’t give the compensation money. Raavi gets confirmed Shiva is alive.

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