Kumkum bhagya 11 June 2021 Spoiler -Pragya injects truth serum into Tanu

In the next episode, we will see that, Pragya and Tanu get into a fight. Tanu tries to inject the truth serum into Pragya. Pragya tries to stop her and shouts at her. However, Pragya manages to inject it into the Tanu.

Will Pragya able record her confession?

Up till now
Pradeep slaps Tanu and vows to her to not let her wedding happen with Abhi. Then Police arrives but Pradeep escape from there. Tanu invites the police to her wedding. Then Rhea and Prachi tells Pragya about their plan and give her the truth serum. Rhea begins to feel guilty for prachi but she convinces herself that Prachi is at wrong. Mr. Singhania informs Tanu that the case against Abhi has been withdrawn. Tanu ask him to give those papers to her. Then, Pragya Arrives at Tanu’s house with bridal lehenga. She takes out the injection and hides phone to record Tanu’s confession, but Tanu sees that injection and takes that away from her.

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