Molkki 11 June 2021 Written Update -Kid’s plots a plan

Color TV’s popular show Molkki is entertaining the viewers very well with its interesting twist.  Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode, Shakshi tells Anamika about Purvi and says I want a good boy for Purvi as she has done many favors for us. Anamika told her don’t worry my team is working on this and after god, we are the only ones to make the best pairs. Anjali and Prakashi overhear their conversation and thought why she is doing this for her she just needs to be throw away from this house. Shakshi saw them secretly listening to their conversation and says you both didn’t leave your habit of listening to others’ talks secretly and now you got to know that Purvi is getting married so Star the preparation.

Virender was thinking about whether he took the right decision or not but he thought she won’t accept for this. Shakshi came and acknowledge to Virender that Purvi is happy with this decision. Suddenly kids came there along with Purvi and request Virender to play hide and seek with us. Shakshi tells them your all play I have lots of work in the kitchen.

They started the game and coincidentally they both hides at the same place. Virender asks her you agree to the second marriage. Purvi says you itself agree to it then why I would deny it. Virender tells her I wish a better life for you because your happiness is my priority.

Shakshi and Anamika were selecting a boy for Puri. Shakshi was going through few photographs. Kids came there and asked about the photographs but Shakshi told them to take their breakfast first. Anamika tells her I am leaving all these photos with you and have a look at them properly.

Virender tells Shakshi that when kids would get to about this they won’t allow her to go. Purvi tells them I will make them understand. Kids were making a chart in which they were pasting the pictures of family members. Purvi came to them and try to understand them that now I should leave from here to find a new partner for me. Shakshi came and told them we would arrange a marriage for her. Kids started shouting and says we won’t allow her to go anywhere. Shakshi made them understand that she has to go. Kids thought we would make sure she doesn’t go anywhere.

The next day a family came to look Purvi. Juhi and Manas intentionally pushed the boy and tea fall on his dress. Then Juhi takes him to the washroom there Juhi and Manas told the boy that Purvi is mad and sometimes she becomes wild. Like this kids manipulated all the guests who came to look for Purvi. Shakshi was confused that why all of them ran away like this in between. At last, Shakshi catches them saying fake stories to guests about Purvi. Shakshi asks them why you both did this. Kid’s told them we are again telling you that we won’t let her go anywhere.