Molkki written update 22 July 2021 Virender took a stern decision

At the beginning of the episode, Purvi tells them I will perform the Kanyadan ritual. On asking Purvi told them I am her mother, then she performs the ritual. Virender came back home and searches for Purvi and the kids. Prakashi and Anjali came and ask why you are shouting like this as we also don’t know where are they? Suddenly he got a video call from Charan Singh and he tells him to have a look at your daughter’s wedding. Virender get’s angry seeing him. Charan Singh told him your wife is kind-hearted as she told me to change the wedding destination that’s why this wedding happened.

Virender get’s angry and thought I won’t forgive Purvi as you spoiled my daughter’s life. There all the wedding rituals got over and they married each other. Charan Singh gives all the credit to Purvi and told them to take her blessings first.

Purvi told then I just did my responsibility and I will pray for your betterment. Then she left from there with the kids. Kid’s were telling Purvi now we would get a lot of scoldings. Purvi told them I will manage everything you both go and sleep.

Virender was thinking I can’t believe that Purvi helped my enemy and for this, I won’t forgive her. Purvi went back to her room and Virender scolds Purvi for spoiling my daughter’s life by helping my enemy. Purvi says I did all this because I don’t want any to say that Virneder’s daughter ran away.

Virender told her you are enemy to me from now and from now we both won’t stay together and I don’t need any support if yours. Veer overheard their conversation. There Charan Singh tells her wife now I will take my revenge on Virender’s daughter. Veer was taking to Nandini and tells her how Virender scolded Purvi. Then they both decided to give back their room.


The next day Veer went to them and told them that I wanted to tell you that you can shift back to your room and Purvi I thank you for what you did. Virender asks how you suddenly changed your mind and I am fine here you can take Purvi with you. Veer requests him to come back, then he leaves.

Virender told Purvi to go there and I will stay in the guest room as I can’t stay with you. Later Sudha came with sweets for Veer. Purvi thought she had brought it for her but she acknowledged her that this is for Veer as bought me a turban in the market. Then they both talk about Veer and how good he is. Purvi asks Sudha do you like Veer? Sudha says I like him as a human nothing else. Then she told her to go and give this to him he is in the room.

Virender was taking bath sitting on the chair. Suddenly water gets over and he sends a servant to check. Virender applied soap to his face and waiting for water. Purvi was passing by and noticed Virender. Purvi came in Virender thought the servant came back he says till the water comes you apply soap on my back. Purvi applied soap on his back. Suddenly her legs slip and she fell on Virender. Virender and Purvi share an eye lock and the shower was on. Suddenly the servant came Purvi told him you help him in bathing I am having some work.