Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 9 March2021 Written Update – Omkar catches the lie of Mayura

At the beginning of the episode, Tara starts crying and Omkar tries to comfort her. While Mayura notices a mark on her face. She uses a cream to hide it. Here, Manjari gets a call from her friend. Her friend tells her that she saw Ashutosh at the airport, where he was buying a ticket and when she told him that I am a friend of Manjri, he collided. Manjari says okay. She hangup. Manjari thinks what Ashutosh is trying to do. Omkar tells Mayura about a puja. He says Gurumaa asks them to perform a puja so we will go to the temple. Mayura nods.

Omkar says I am taking Tara with me you get ready. She says okay. Later Mayura gets down. She sees Omkar with Tara and says I am doing wrong by taking Tara away from her father, but for my child, I need to do it. She then moves forward to Omkar and asks him, should we leave. Manjri says where you want to leave. Mayura says to the temple for puja. Manjri says we will perform puja in our house only. Mayura looks on. She thinks now what will I do. How will I leave the house with Tara?

Later puja gets started. Mayura asks God to help her. She thinks to distract Omkar and then leave with Tara. She then asks Omkar to throw a big party for her. She adds she wants to perform the dance with her daughter. Omkar says okay I will do it for you. He then starts the music and everyone starts dancing. Later accidentally a girl put dry colour at Mayura. Mayura’s eyes start burning. Omkar put water on her eyes and then notice the scar on her face. He gets shocked. Mayura tries to explain. But Omkar says don’t say anything, just shut up.

People who are standing there starts speaking ill about Omkar and Mayura. Manjari asks them to leave. All goes away from there house. Then Omkar asks Mayura why she performed this drama. Manjari says maybe she is going to take our Tara away from her. Omkar gets angry. Then Ashutosh calls Mayura and asks her where is she. Omkar and others hears it. Omkar turns red and leaves with Tara. Manjari tries to throw Mayura out but Shankar stops her. Mayura goes to Omkar she asks him to open the door. Omkar comes out and threats her that he will make her stay far away from Tara. Mayura stands shocked. While Tara is crying. Episode end.