Pandya Store 10 June 2021 Written Update -Rishita saved everyone

Star Plus’s fiction “Pandya Store” depicts the traditional complicated family’s daily routine and challenges, which is vanished nowadays.

At the beginning of the episode, Shiva tried to come out of the heap of stones but he failed. Raavi gets unconscious. Shiva started shouting for help. Rishita and Krish arrived for help, they removed the stones over Shiva and Raavi. Everyone tried to wake Raavi up, but she was unconscious. Finally, after some efforts, Shiva and Raavi wake up. All of them came out of the temple. Suman asked Gautam to call Hardik and take his sister to his home. Gautam said how Dhara can remove her from the family.

Suman shouted at Gautam and said if Gautam too wants to go with Dhara he too can go and said it’s her decision and no one change it. Shiva said he will drive the tractor, but Rishita stopped him and said she will drive. Rishita drives the tractor and heading towards the temple. Pandit ji informed Suman that only 10 min left and after that muhurat will be ended. Suman said she will do the pooja. Pandit asked for the mukteshwar’s jal. Suman said her sons will be coming soon with jal and asked Dhara to pack her luggage.

Suddenly Rishita arrived with all of them. Dhara and Gautam get shocked after watching all of them. Dhara asked what happened with them? Dev informed Suman that the temple get broke and they all get stuck in the temple. Gautam asked then who saved them? Shiva said Rishita helped them out and explains everything in detail. Shiva said because of Rishita they all are alive. Dhara shows her gratitude towards Rishita. Shiva said Dhara’s decision was right and they learned a lot due to her decision. Dev asked why Gautam is sad? Gautam said everything is fine and give a hug to everyone. Suman get happy after watching her sons together. Suman give hug to everyone except Dhara and Gautam and also shows gratitude towards Rishita for saving her sons’ lives.

Pandit ji asked everyone to start pooja as soon as possible. Dhara apologized and said she is leaving this house. Everyone started crying. Everyone requested Suman to stop Dhara, but Suman said nothing.

Episode end.