Pandya Store 17 June 2021 Written Update -Raavi got injured

Star Plus’s fiction “Pandya Store” depicts the traditional complicated family’s daily routine and challenges, which is vanished nowadays.

At the beginning of the episode, Anita spread the oil on the stairs and go away from their. Anita does this to hurt Dhara and take revenge from her. Dhara come downstairs through second stair. Gautam informed Suman that he booked a room for Prafula out of the Haweli. Raavi heard this and become sad. Suman told Raavi that Prafula will not stay silent in Haweli, and said Prafula recorded the fight between Dhara and her. Prafula arrived in the kitchen.

Suman informed Prafula to shift to the room outside the Haweli. Prafula started arguing with Suman. Suman asked Prafula to behave properly in her daughter’s in-laws’ house. Prafula said Suman will get to know about the difference between daughter and daughter-in-law and said a daughter-in-law can never be daughter. Dhara said she is Suman’s daughter and she loves her too much. Prafula said Dhara has not get mother’s love from her real mother that’s why she didn’t know the difference between mother and mother-in-law.

Raavi asked Prafula that does she recorded the fight between Suman and Dhara. Prafula said mobile’s camera was turned on and that’s why everything get recorded. Raavi said she is trying to find the happiness and asked her to stay away from Pandya family. Dhara and Raavi went to terrace to get the pickles downstairs. Raavi slipped on the oil, but Shiva helps Raavi. Dhara too arrived downstairs and found oil on the stairs. Dhara noticed oil on Anita’s dress.


On the other hand Suman get slipped on the oil, but Rishita and Krish handled Suman. Rishita said Dhara prepared pickles and that’s why Suman get slipped on oil. Suman said Dhara didn’t pour the oil in the pickles till now. Raavi got injured. Shiva pick Raavi up and take her to the room. Suman thought Prafula had done this, but Krish said Prafula went to her room. Raavi and Shiva fights with each other. Shiva applied antiseptic cream on her wounds on both her hand and legs.

Raavi started feeling something for Shiva. Shiva said Dhara asked him to apply the antiseptic cream that’s why he is applying. Raavi said she didn’t heard anything like that. Shiva leaves from there. Raavi said how Shiva can stay without fighting with her. Anita was finding the oil box, suddenly Shiva arrived and asked what she is doing here? Anita said nothing.

Episode end.